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Moved Hosting

6. December 2013 22:32 by Phil Hustead in General

So I finally did it and changed hosting providers.  I was using Rackspace's Cloud Sites and services but I decided to go all Windows Azure.  I setup my own VM Web Server on Azure and just got it all configured and transferred the site.  I'm really liking Azure.  I'm sure I'll have future posts on my exploits of this wonderful Microsoft provided conglomerate of products and services.  I've been having such fun playing with all the goodies they provide.  I'm such a nerd!    

New Blog

1. December 2013 18:05 by Phil Hustead in General

So my old blog got deleted, not that there was much there anyway, so I decided to create a new one.  Currently, I just threw it up using BlogEngine.NET but I intend to replace it with my own creation as soon as I can.  I'm looking to build out my own design using MVC.NET, Twitter Bootstrap, and Angular JS.  Hopefully I'll be able to do that sooner rather than later but if history is any indication, look for at around the summer of 2024.